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What's in Steve's World

Stirling Engines
Land Sailing

Stirling Engine Page Updated 3/2009 (see menu on the left top of this page)



This is my simple site to have a small look into what I'm doing these days in Northern Nevada.

My Hobbies

While my hobbies are always changing to suit my current obsessions here are a few of them; I got the idea that I wanted to build and sail a land yacht so there are some pictures of that in here.  Susi and I like to travel around a little. I like to hike in the mountains now and then. I recently designed and built a "Stirling Cycle" model engine. I still play on-line games such as Battlefield 1942 DC. And finally, when the weather is nice, The family and I spent a bit of time up on Lake Tahoe.

Steve at top of Jobs Peak, NV


Griffen on top of Jobs Peak


Susi at the Lava Tubes in Northern California


Favorite Links

A very old games site

Land Sailing at Smith Creek, NV


Susi and I at Crater Lake, Oregon


My Stirling model engine


play video of it running

Rubicon Point, Lake Tahoe


Susi treasure hunting


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